Your Case IH merchandising solutions

The Case IH Show & Sell program provides dealers with an excellent solution for all their showroom signage and merchandising requirements.

You can select from the in-store components listed below to design a retail environment that promotes your products and makes your customers feel comfortable and at ease.

You can also take advantage of merchandising services offered to Case IH dealers by Design Works at Somerton Park in SA. Contact by phoning Nigel on Mob 0400 039 760 or email

Case IH Acrylic Banding

Case IH Pallet Covers

Case IH Wall Shelving

Case IH Island Gondola

Case IH Feature End

Case IH Spinner Tower

Case IH Merchandise Display

Case IH Department Signs

Case IH Brochure Stand

Case IH Information Bar

Case lH Parts Signs

Case IH Oil Display Base



Retail Planning